Kombucha is a delicious healing and detoxifying drink that you can make yourself. It is a naturally carbonated, healthy tonic enjoyed by those who brew and consume it regularly. People are usually very loyal to their daily Kombucha consumption, and consider the drink healthy for a number of reasons.

Kombucha is an adaptogen, which means it brings the body back into balance so that it can heal itself, rather than focusing on one particular ailment or organ. That is how it is able to do so much – because it’s really just your body working with nutrition, like any other food. It is a delicious and healthy beverage choice and one of many fermented food options. We love it because it’s easy to drink, fun to make and is a great addition to our daily routine! CHECK OUT OUR GUT HEALTH & KOMBUCHA WEBINAR!

Let me introduce you to some of the benefits!

It helps heal the gut: Kombucha is a natural, food-based probiotic, which helps to restore and maintain a healthy gut, and considering that all disease begins in the gut, this is pretty significant!  It preserves nutrients and breaks them down into an easily digestible form, which allows you to absorb them better. The beauty of a healthy gut flora is that it improves digestion, fights candida overgrowth, improves mental clarity and stabilises moods.

Natural probiotic: Because it is naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, kombucha is a probiotic beverage. Starters contain beneficial bacteria and yeast (probiotics) that are able to survive harsh stomach acids to reach the walls of your intestines and recolonise the “good guys” that boost your immunity and your energy. 

Aids with digestion: The antioxidant prowess of this ancient tea counteracts free radicals that create mayhem in the digestive system. However, the greatest reason kombucha supports digestion is because of its high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics and enzymes. Some research has shown kombucha’s ability to prevent and heal leaky gut and stomach ulcers. Kombucha is also a great way to fight candida because it contains live probiotic cultures that help the gut to repopulate with good bacteria while crowding out the candida yeast. 

Increase energy: Kombucha’s ability to invigorate people is credited to the formation of iron that is released from the black tea during the fermentation process and the b-vitamins, which can energise the body. The iron released helps boost blood haemoglobin, improving oxygen supply to tissues and stimulating the energy producing process at the cellular level! This ‘clever’ beverage helps the body assimilate food more easily and provides quick and easy energy without caffeine.

Healthy beverage choice: Kombucha is often used as an alternative to soft drink, alcohol or coffee. It is something which the whole family can enjoy (my 3 yr old asked for a ‘kombucha party’ for her birthday this year) and is very low cost if you brew it yourself! Get started with your own brew here.

Detoxifies the body: One of kombucha’s greatest health benefits is its ability to detox the body. It is rich in many of the enzymes and bacterial acids (such as Glucaric acid) your body produces and/or uses to detox your system, thus easing the burden on your liver (one of the boys main detoxification organs). It also contains vitamin C, a potent detoxifier. In 1951, a popular Russian study found that the daily consumption of kombucha was correlated with an extremely high resistance to cancer.

Decreases sugar cravings: The thought on this is that kombucha provides a natural energy boost and is therefore a handy antidote for when cravings kick in. It’s also a great way to break the soft drinks habit. The rollercoaster ride of jittery high and then sluggish low that comes from drinking coffee and sugar is replaced with focused, calm energy.

Improved mood:Kombucha contains vitamins B1 (thiamine), B6 & B12 – all of which are known to help the body fight depression, stabilise mood and improve concentration. It also contains Vitamin C which suppresses the release of cortisol (remember, one of the stress hormones). Higher levels of cortisol in the blood contribute to hypertension, depression and impaired mental clarity. Kombucha tea, like both green tea and black tea contain  L-theanine which crosses into the brain and stimulates positive, relaxed feelings.



Helps with joint pain: Kombucha can help heal repair and prevent joint damage in a number of ways. It contains glucosamines, a strong preventive and treatment for all forms of arthritis. Glucosamines increase synovial hyaluronic acid production which in turn supports the preservation of collagen and prevents arthritic pain. In the same way it supports joint collagen, it also supports collagen of the entire body and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.


Immune Health: The overall effect that kombucha has to positively impact the immune system is best seen in its ability to powerfully control free radicals through antioxidants. Clinically proven to decrease oxidative stress and related immuno-suppression, a powerful antioxidant known as D-saccharic acid-1, 4-lactone (DSL) was discovered during the kombucha fermentation process that’s not found in black tea alone.

Start benefiting from these amazing effects today! Starter kombucha kits available here. Happy brewing!



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