I am currently reading the book ‘How not to die’ – by Dr Michael Greger. Catchy title right!

Well he sure got me interested and as soon as I began reading I was hooked! The book is excellent for both camps of health enthusiasts. There is the science and research behind all the nutritional studies he mentions (excellent for the nutrition nerd and science nut) AND there is also loads of really practical tips on the healthiest most nutrient dense foods to include in your diet (perfect for those like me that just want to know the HOW).

One food group he focuses on is berries and their amazing antioxidant properties! So I put this in to practice straight away and tried one of his suggestions BERRY NICE CREAM! The author even goes so far as to say ‘the more you eat the healthy you are’. Thats my kind of food group!

Here is the nice cream I made for the family today. Enjoy!

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2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen berries (the darker colour the better as this means more antioxidants
splash of soy milk
cap full of vanilla essence
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 tablesppon cashew butter (you can find my recipe here)


Add everything to the blender and mix! (if you have a blender that doesn’t have much power, it may be tricker to get the smooth ice cream consistency.

I use the Optimum blenders because they are fabulous. You can check out my review of these blenders here)

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