I probably have at least 1 conversation per day with someone about coffee! For most people, coffee has a tight grip on them and the thought of reducing or God forbid, giving up their morning late`is just too much to handle…. Here’s the thing, in the same conversation we have probably talked about their health struggles, failing weight loss efforts or low energy. Hmmmm? Coincidence? I think not!

I want to present to you 5 reasons why your coffee might just be hijacking your weight loss!

1.You take a coffee break instead of snacking: Many women fall into this trap, thinking that by having a coffee at 3pm instead of a snack they will be reducing the amount of calories they eat in the day. If your choice was going to be between a coffee or a glazed donut then I might be with you on choosing the coffee. However, snacking on whole foods such as walnuts, fresh fruit or raw veg, will not only keep you feeling full for longer, they will also add huge nutritional value to your day. This nutrient dense food is going to be a game changer when trying to maintain or lose weight.

2.You are consuming large quantities of milk: Most of us ladies like our caffeine in late` form (or moccafrapachino). What we sometimes forget is how much milk we are consuming in even 1 cup of coffee. No matter if you are sipping on soy or flirting with your full cream, the fat content of these beverages might be higher than you think. If you are consuming more than 1 of these bad boys in a day, it may be no wonder your weight loss efforts are lagging.

3.Your body is releasing high quantities of cortisol: The “stress hormone” that is supposed to help us cope with long term chronic stress gets supercharged with caffeine consumption. Elevated cortisol is associated with weight gain, moodiness and over the long run it has been associated with heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Not cool!!

4.You aren’t getting good quality sleep:  Just like I mentioned above, when we consume caffeine we raise our hormone levels. Specifically cortisol and adrenaline. This is what gives us the ‘buzz’ that we have come to associate with coffee. The issue here is that with heightened adrenaline in our blood stream, it becomes harder to switch off and fall asleep.  This has a snowball effect onto the next day. When we are tired from lack of sleep, we tend to reach for high sugar or calorie foods to pick us back up. Hello empty calories!!

5.Suppressed thyroid function:There is loads of evidence to suggest that caffeine intake suppresses our thyroid function. There are two main thyroid hormones in your body: T4 and T3. T4 needs to be converted into T3 to see some action. T3 is the hormone that helps boost metabolism, keeps your weight under control, and keeps your mood stabilised. Suppressed thyroid function means that these hormones can’t do their job properly and can result in muscle stiffness, chronic exhaustion, nausea, hair loss, insomnia, weight gain, diminished sex drive… the list goes on.

Do any of these reactions to your coffee sound familiar?

Why not try 2 weeks without caffeine and see how you feel?

It’s not just the coffee that’s the issue that we need to address. There is a whole collection of habits that may be hijacking your efforts to stay trim.

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