This conversation with Leonie percy – Author of Mother OM and founder of Yoga Mamata really did feel like sitting down with a girlfriend to have a cup of tea. We share similar ideas around mindfullness, connectedness and the challenges and joys of running a business and raising a family.

Leonie is a wealth of knowledge on all things mindfullness. She has written this beautiful book Mother Om after a pretty devastating divorce and subsequently had to raise her child as a single mum. She truly inspires other mums to not only stay connected with their families but also to have the courage and conviction to start something they are passionate about. Whether it be  picking up a hobby or starting a business, she emphasises the need for mums to nourish their own self and nurture their creativity.

Having worked with Leonie, I know the power of having someone support and encourage you in business while also reminding you of the importance of self care.

We chat about mindfulness practices for kids, finding the pleasure in the seemingly mundane and her spiritual journey (which to my delight actually also includes moving towards more plant based way of eating)

I loved this conversation as it brings to light important aspects of health besides from just nutrition!


Connect with Leonie

Background, context & reference

Smiling mind
Mother OM
Mentorship for mums
Juice plus
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Anna kellerman

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