This interview with Peta Martinez is part of a series that I am including in the podcast. My plan is that every 4th episode of Big Impact, I will have an interview with a real life family. A family who is plant based or on their journey to get their. I’ll be doing this with the hope of inspiring, educating and motivating others who are interested in this way or eating and essentially this lifestyle. I want to provide you with juicy, practical tips and honest stories to teach you how to move you and your family towards a more whole foods plant based diet.

Peta is a client of mine who wholeheartedly took on the plant based approach as a way of rebooting her health. You’ll hear Peta talk about her health struggles, what it has been like to start eating a plant based diet, the very real hurdles when transitioning to a different lifestyle and the amazing benefits she has experienced on her journey.

Peta and I have a fun, honest conversation around getting family on board with food changes & the practicalities of cooking healthy meals while working + having a family. Stay tuned to the very end as Peta offers some real gems in her top 3 tips to improving your health and modelling this for your family!

I’d love to get your feedback on this style of interview with real life families so please let me know by leaving me a review in iTunes or send me an email. I always love to hear from listeners so I can continue improving the show.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Peta Martinez!

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