How would you go on a whole year of eating only 1 food? Do you think you’d get bored? Have strong cravings for other foods? Watch your health deteriorate…… ?

I sat down today with Andrew Taylor better known as Spudift, to talk about his experience with only eating potatoes for the entire year of 2016. Andrew’s story has no dramatic rock bottom point. He wasn’t particularly unwell, wasn’t told by someone he dramatically needed to change his eating habits. Rather he had a really important insight into his own health 1 day, sitting on the couch. So he set out to change his relationship to food in his own unique way.

Andrew has a great story. His journey on this all starch diet has had him interviewed across all different media platforms in numerous different countries, but I don’t think it’s just his story that draws people to him. Andrew himself is a really easy and fun person to talk to. He’s confident but humble, interesting and knowledgeable and has really simplified what it means to take control of your health.

Such a great conversation and I know you’re going to love it. Enjoy!


Connect with Andrew




Background, context and reference


The Project

Potatoes the perfect food – Dr McDougall

Poem – If by Rudyard Kipling

Super Smoothie Challenge

Notable people mentioned

Dr John Mcdougall

Chris Voight РExecutive director of the Washington State Potato Commission.

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