This my friend is called an EPIC blog post. It is one of those posts that you will want to read to the very end because it encompasses all the gems that you need to know to really nail your health! AND it basically sums up my whole perspective on health and nutrition!

#smallsteps to health is really what I’m all about. It is what I teach in my coaching and is how I keep my own health in tip top shape!

I want to set the stage a little for you so you can decide where you are honestly at right now with your health. (Not how you feel it should be or not where you pretend it might be)! Have a look and see which of these boxes you would tick…

What health looks like when its a struggle…

+You need caffeine or at least a good half an hour to start functioning in the morning. Lethargy or sluggishness is normal for you
+You are constantly trying new diets to try and lose wight or just feel comfortable and confident in your body
+Your self love has taken a back seat. Harsh comments like ” You’re not good enough, You couldn’t possibly, You’ve ruined it now so don’t even bother” play on repeat in your head.
+You eat for comfort, out of boredom or as a way to avoid certain feelings.

What health looks like when it’s effortless and working like it should…

+You bounce out of bed without lethargy. In fact you could potentially even have gotten up 1 hour earlier and been fine.
+Your body (whatever size that might be) feels comfortable for you. No inflammation/bloating/heaviness.
+Your mood is bright and positive.
+You have the energy to exercise or move your body every day.
+You are motivated to live your life with intention and purpose.
+You eat to fuel and nourish your body.

So now you know where on the spectrum you sit, here’s why I think taking small steps is the way to go when you want to improve your health and have your body functioning like the amazing specimen that it is!

1.It can break down our blocks and defences when the big picture looks too overwhelming. I’ve spoken to and coached WAY to many people who are afraid to even start. They think that if they can’t be vegan or  paleo or an F45 going super human then they shouldn’t even bother. Approaching our health and our goals in small steps helps us to see what is right in front of us instead of feeling defeated by the big and scary end goal.

2. Small steps cause lasting change! How many times have you gone on a ‘diet’ or tried to change too many things at once in order to reach your health goal quicker? How did that work out? It’s fantastic to have a long term goal so we have something to work towards but breaking this down into small, bite sized pieces is the key to creating habits that will actually stick! Trying 1 small thing like adding a smoothie to your day will help you see positive benefits right now and is an easy habit to continue long term.

3. Start from where you’re at. Don’t compare your beginning to someone elses middle. You know all those beautiful instagram posts of toned yogis flipping upside down or standing on their head in those tiny gym shorts? They too started with their first ever yoga class at some point in their life. My point is that we all need to start somewhere and taking that first step to even enrol at yoga or pull out your dusty blender from the cupboard, are all step in the right direction. And most importantly they are all YOUR steps, not someone elses!

So what do these small steps actually look like when we break them down?
+ Adding 1 thing in will help to crowd 1 thing out. By filling up on good quality, nutrient dense foods first, you will naturally be crowding out other snacks or foods that aren’t the best choices.  I love teaching people about this principle as it means we can start from a place of delicious abundance and not from one of deprivation and restriction.

+Break each day down into all your separate meals. And ask yourself the questions..What is this particular meal providing for me right now? How can I improve the nutritional quality? Does it need some extra greens, could I leave off the sauce or how could I turn this dish into a plant based one instead of being meat heavy?


+Not sure where to even start? The question I love asking people when they’ve been out of the movement or exercise world for a while is “What did you enjoy as a child”? This always brings a smile to someones face as they recall their beloved netball team from high school or how much enjoyment dance classes used to bring. When we can really look closely into what used to bring us joy, we will most often find a way of moving our bodies that will feel fun and joyful and not like damn hard work!

+What is the low hanging fruit? Are you a mum with kids in pram? Great lets get walking! Do you crave social activities as well as movement? Awesome join a sports team or find some local group training sessions! Find where you are at right now in your life and reach for something that is accessible to you. This might look totally different from what you were into or capable of even 2 yrs ago.

What is the 1 #smallstep I believe you can implement RIGHT NOW to get started?







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