Kathy Divine is one of those names that has popped up a lot for me over the years of my own health journey. From her online blog ‘vegans are cool’ to her recently launched beautiful magazine Australian Vegans Journal. She is a trail blazer in spreading her message of veganism and social justice.

In this episode I sit down to talk with Kathy about her passions. Namely, health, the environment and animal welfare. Kathy shares her best resources and influencers in this plant based health and wellness space and there are some fabulous tips and tricks for those interested in this lifestyle.

She walks us through her latest project (Australian Vegans Journal) and we talk about the ins and outs of independent publishing.

Kathy’s message is strong, her conviction is clear and her courage is inspirational. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Connect with Kathy

Kathy Divine
Books, resources, context
pcrm (physicians committee of responsible medicine)
veganeasy.org (30 day vegan challenge)
Australian Vegans Journal
Vegans Are Cool
Plant Powered Men
Plant Powered Women
Every Day Vegans
Notable people discussed
Neal Barnard
Robyn Chuter

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