Firstly, welcome back to the podcast or if this is your first time here….thank you!

What you’re going to find is a whole bunch of inspiring interviews with the best in the health and wellness biz, sharing their thoughts on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, intentional living…. the list goes on! Mostly I interview people in the plant based health space as this is something which I’m truly passionate about and a lifestyle that I absolute believe is the healthiest way to live!

You will notice that I take the time to sit down and chat with Real Life Plant Based Families. With people who are making this lifestyle work in a busy household, a household with children and with potentially 2 working parents. Parents who may not be great cooks, have a lot of money and may come up against a lot of resistance.


Because I believe if I can bring these real conversation to you, showing you that other people face struggles and hurdles but still believe in this so much and notice such amazing benefits, that they preserve, then that might inspire you to do the same!

Today I’ve thrown another format into the mix and that is a solo show. With me! A Plant Based Health Coach, a passionate vegan, a mother of 2, a fitness lover but ultimately just a fellow human trying to live a healthy and happy life. I wanted to do this solo show today because I am doing a little experiment with myself.

I am trialling Intermittent Fasting!

I’m approaching this as a total experiment with no expectations and no judgements just curiosity.

WHY, you might ask? Take a listen (you’ll find the media player below or search Big Impact on iTunes) and I’ll tell you all about it!



I Feel Good Living The Plant Based Way

A 4 week program to help you heal your body with a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.


Connect with Anna




Resources/notable people mentioned

James Clear – Beginners guide to Intermittent Fasting

Health Ambition – Benefits of Fasting

Michael Klapper – Fasting

Michael Mosley – 5:2 diet



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