Known for her high energy, amazing culinary skills and insight into the complexities of food addiction, Chef AJ effectively transformed herself from ‘Junk Food Vegan’ to ‘skinny bitch’ (as she puts it). Having grown up in a household of foods laden with sugar, salt and oil, AJ found herself having to deal with a very poor relationship with food and a serious health crisis.

I had the pleasure of  going deeper with AJ into her health transformation, exploring how she lost 50 pounds and treated her pre cancerous polyps with diet and lifestyle changes. She provides clear advise about what foods make up a healthy whole food plant based diet and shines light on the most common blocks and challenges which might prevent people from embracing this.

At its core, this is a conversation about food addiction.

Having worked at True North Health Centre, presented at McDougall advanced study weekends, and spent countless hours teaching people how to cook and eat for optimum health, AJ  knows how to reach people. Through her classes and presentations she teaches people how to overcome cravings, food addiction, and the emotional side of eating – all done with a lighthearted and fun attitude!

What a pleasure to get to know Chef AJ better and to tap into her wisdom regarding the emotional complexities of eating!  I hope you enjoy this thought-provoking conversation with Chef AJ.


I Feel Good Living The Plant Based Way

A 4 week program to help you heal your body with a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet.


Books, resources etc

Chef AJ: From vat vegan to Skinny Bitch

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The pleasure trap

Weight Loss Wednesday – with Chef AJ

Dr McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

True North Health Centre

Unprocessed: How to achieve vibrant health and your ideal weight.


Notable people mentioned

Dr John Mcdougall

Dr Doug Lisle

Dr Alan Goldhamer + Dr Jennifer Marano



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