Vegan bodybuilder, Fraser Bayley puts the phrase ‘where do you get your protein’ to bed! One look at his impressive physique and all the stereotypes about weak, scrawny vegans are thrown out the window!

The New Zealand native, now based in New Orleans is yet another wonderful example of the growing tribe of vegan athletes. With his highly engaged Facebook group ‘Evolving Alpha’, Fraser and his girlfriend Lauren are supporting others to build strength and fitness on a plant based diet. All the while, challenging what it means to be an ‘alpha’.

Starting his working life as a butcher, Fraser suffered from a serious mental illness. He was totally disconnected from the link between what he was eating and how he felt. In this conversation find out what happened when he made the switch to a vegan diet.

Topics we cover in this conversation

-The graphic realities of a butcher

-Living with a mental illness and the connection between lifestyle and mental health

-Top tips on switching from animal to plant protein

-The training regime of a vegan bodybuilder


Connect with Fraser


Evolving Alpha Facebook Group



Books, reference, context

Interview with Fraser & Lauren – the daily raw

Bond appetit – Get the Bayley Body

The World Peace Diet

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