Today’s guest is Dr John McDougall, one of the pioneers in the field of plant-based nutrition. He has been a family doctor and general care practitioner, giving advice in terms of good diet and simple medications to people for over 40 years. He has a fantastic book called The Starch Solution which teaches the benefits of the starch-based diet.

These kinds of foods (carbohydrates) have often been demonised and become especially associated with weight gain but in this episode John McDougall tells us what actually happens to our bodies in relation to starches and the science behind why they should be the backbone of any healthy diet.

Topics covered in this conversation:
+ The real reason most people are sick
+ How the changing of class and economic status has negatively impacted the health of much of the world’s population
+ The information mishap that convinces people the very foods they’re supposed to eat are dangerous to them
+ What ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ have to do with politics as well as health information
+ Whose obligation it is to teach a population to eat well and get good medical care
+ Why we crave starches naturally, why we’re filled up by them and the science behind why they’re better for us than other foods.
+ How the human being evolved to be a starch eater
+ What a day in the life of a starch-eater looks like


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