Today’s guest is Dr. Malcolm Mackay. Malcolm is a doctor working in general practice in Australia and is passionate about whole-food plant-based diets. In this episode he shares his story of going through medical school and realising the power of the plant-based diet, the way he approaches the conversation with patients and his general philosophy of patient care.

Malcolm works with a wide variety of patients but a growing proportion are people coming to see him specifically in regards to treating and managing their chronic disease with a whole-food, plant-based diet. He has an interest in lifestyle medicine and believes in being a living example for his patients. In this episode Malcolm explains how the medical approach to chronic disease needs to be different to the approach to infectious disease in order to treat the underlying causes, and how a team approach between doctors and health coaches can benefit patients.


Topics covered in this conversation:
+ The most common reactions to whole-food plant-based diet & lifestyle advice
+ Malcolm’s health journey and what led him to whole-food plant-based diet
+ Malcolm’s philosophy of patient care
+ The benefits and breadth of effect of a whole-foods plant-based diet
+ The difference between the medical approach to infectious disease vs chronic disease
+ The influence of the pharmaceutical industry
+ The value of a team based between health coaches and doctors
+ Being the doctor for Spud Fit

Enjoy the conversation!


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