In it’s essence, this is a conversation with a true healer. Tyler Tolman tells his story of inspiration, education and transformation. From a teen with bad habits to  an extremely well respected, wise and soulful man who helps people heal their body through food and fasting!

Growing up as the son of Don Tolman and being intrigued by his fathers work, Tyler has made it his mission to educate the masses on the power of natural healing techniques. With a keen interest in ancient Egyption philosophy Tyler applies these simple living principles in his own life and in his work with others.

This is a conversation about transformation, about healing and about listening to the wisdom of the people who have come before.

Topics covered in this conversation:

+Tyler’s personal story of transformation

+ The doctrine of signatures. Finding signs in nature that represent our own body

+ Muscle building on a plant based diet

+ Ancient Egypt and what learnings he has taken from these times to heal others

+ Intermittent and longer term fasting

+ Case studies of healing Lyme Disease.




Connect With Tyler





Doctrine Of Signatures

‘Heal Thy Self’ – Healing Retreat Bali

Colon cleanse

Notable People Mentioned

Herschel Walker

Paracelsus – Doctrine of Signatures

Don Tolman

Alan Goldhamer

Other Relevant Podcast Episodes

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Dr Alan Goldhamer – Therapeutic Fasting

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