Osher Gunsberg is a family name, especially in Australia. Best known for his roles hosting Chanel V, Australian Idol and The Bachelor, what you might not have known is that Osher has been a long term advocate of a plant based diet.

Having started his journey at 19 when he switched to a vegetarian diet, Osher continued to evolve his eating habits over the years. Through lots of experimentation he has come to his own version of eating that he feels comfortable with.

This conversation is a really honest and open one about how Osher navigates his way in the public eye, while sticking true to his beliefs and ideals.

Topics covered in this conversation

-Our shared love of podcasting and why Osher wants to offer people a different perspective on life

-Osher’s journey from an overweight kid in Weight Watches to now the¬†spunky host of The Bachelor

-Why he hates the word vegan

-Compassion for humans vs animals


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Big Fat Myths – Ruben Meerman

Osher Gunsberg Podcast

Oshers interview with Rich Roll


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