When I originally came across Pam Botler, I was searching for Great Vegan Athletes. Being a keen exerciser and fascinated in the ever growing list of plant based athletes I was super keen on having one of these athletes on the podcast. I wanted to talk first hand to someone who not just survives but THRIVES on plants. What I got when I sat down with Pam was a whole lot more!

She is a truly inspirational woman, a really kind soul and a woman who has taken her health into her own hands and learnt through experimentation, how to eat to optimise performance. Pam shares openly about her struggles with food and emotional health over her life and ignites in us hope that there is a way for everyone to have a healthy relationship with food.

What makes Pam stand out though is not just what she eats and how she trains, but the work she does off the water as the president of an Organization called WomanCAN International. Fighting for gender equality in sport! I absolutely admire her passion for social justice issues as well as plant based nutrition. What a woman!

Topics discussed

Pam’s amazing athletic achievements as a sprint canoe National Champion.

What it was like to live with an eating disorder and how that effected Pam’s self esteem and overall health

What her food intake looks like today, as a competitive plant based athlete

Pam’s holistic approach to health and why this is crucial for athletes

Lobbying off the water to advocate for women in sport, specifically around gender inequality. Pam is the president of WomanCAN international


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WomanCAN International

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