I wanted to dive deep this week with my favourite naturopath Robyn Chuter, to talk about Gut health and the microbiome. These buzzwords  keep popping up and are getting lots of mainstream attention. Those who have  listened to previous podcast episodes would know that Robyn and I worked closely together to heal my gut a few years ago and since then it has been a particular interest of mine. As a naturopath and plant based nutritionist, I wanted to know whether gut health is an inevitable conversation that comes up with all Robyn’s clients…and if so, what are the important take-aways?

Having the opportunity to really explore a topic and debunk some common myths was a real pleasure. The beauty of a podcast as opposed to an article as that this conversation takes us to all corners of the issue not just simple facts.

Some of the highlights include

+ The significance of the gut being described as our ‘second brain’

+ A closer look at some of the diseases that can result form disbiosis in the gut?

+ The biggest threat to our guts. What we should be looking out for in our food and environment that might be harmful!

+ The truth about antibiotics. When are they helpful and when are they harmful?

+ Are pro-biotics a waste of money?

+ The relationship between gut health and weight issues/food cravings

Enjoy the conversation!


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