Most Plant Based Aussies will know Jenny Cameron as the savvy, passionate and extremely helpful moderator of the group Whole Food Plant Based Aussies. From Librarian to Plant Based Nutritionist, Jenny has made it her mission since going plant based, to educate and inspire others to follow this path. Jenny and her partner, Dr Malcom Mckay, run the super informative website Whole Foods Plant Based Health. An excellent resource which covers many topics within plant based nutrition. Don’t worry if you’re not Australian, this episode is a great one, wherever in the world you are!!

Topics we cover in this conversation

-Jenny’s own journey to plant based (hint: it involves a chance meeting on a ski chairlift!)

-The intersection between librarian and nutritionist!

-Jenny’s top picks of plant based resources!

-The hottest topics at the moment amongst Whole Food Plant Based Aussies

-The highlights from the International Plant Based Nutrition Conference


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The China Study 

Healthiest Diet On The Planet

The Cheese Trap

Plant Based Health Australia – Facebook page

Whole Food Plant Based Aussies – Facebook Group

Whole Foods Plant Based Health

Certificate of Plant Based Nutrition

International Plant Based Nutrition in Healthcare Conference

Health Science Magazine – Interview with Jenny 


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