I’m talking today, in a solo episode (for my 1 yr pod anniversary) about how to transition to a plant based diet. I’ve chosen 6 points that I feel are incredibly important when making the switch to this way of eating. Things that I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey which would have saved me a lot of time, confusion and bad health decisions! I’ve broken the episode into 2 parts so as not to overwhelm those of you who might just be starting out.

This episode is not for the seasoned WFPB eater, it is really focusing in on those who are plant curious or have just made the decision to start eating this way for their health! I hope that listening to this episode will give some clarity on topics that you might be thinking about like “why can’t I just be vegetarian and keep the milk and eggs” OR “am I going to feel really restricted by this way of eating”. I’ve also covered the minefield that is ‘fats and oils’. This topic is one which really excites me as I know it can take peoples health to the next level when they understand these concepts.

So sit back, take a listen and get ready for some practical tips to start implementing today!



The saturated fat studies

Does coconut oil clog arteries

High starch solution

Health concerns about dairy products

IGF-1 linked to cancer risk

Liz Cook Charts


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