I attended a fabulous conference in November, hosted by the wonderful Raw Events Australia in collaboration with others. As a part of the Nutrition in Healthcare series, we had the pleasure of spending the day listening to some exciting, engaging and very knowledgable speakers. The keynote was given by Dr Michael Klaper, a key player and very influential doctor in the world of nutrition. Dr Klaper presented on the topic of nutrition in healthcare and had the audience on the edge of their seats, listening intently to his plethora of knowledge on this topic.

The audio for this recording, I apologise, is not at the same standard as my other interviews. This recording was taken as part of a live audience so picks up noise from the crowd. If you were at this conference then you would have had the amazing opportunity to experience this live. If you missed out then I hope that you can enjoy the recording as a way of increasing your knowledge and gaining inspiration from a wonderful Doctor, man and advocate for plant based nutrition.

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