I coach individuals to dramatically improve their health using a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

I started my Health Journey in 2008 when my husband and I decided to transition to a plant based diet. Initially fumbling our way through and eating what some might describe as a junk food vegan diet, I quickly realised that if I was going to make this way of eating sustainable then I needed to focus on whole foods. Fast forward to 2014 when by second bub was born. He was delivered by C-sectin and 8 weeks later I was rushed to emergency with appendicitis. 

A whole lot of antibiotics and another abdominal surgery later and I had ended up with chronic IBS. 

I worked closely with a naturopath and coach who guided me through healing my gut and overhauling my health in general. I was so inspired by this work and the healing power of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet that I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about this way of eating.


I have been blown away by the results my clients have seen after transition to a WFPB diet.

-Reduced blood pressure medication

-Weight Loss & reversal of digestive issues

-Improved concentration, sleep & mood

-Huge increases in energy


 With a background in nutrition, social work and personal training, I coach individuals in all areas of their health to set and achieve their personalised goals!

I am a strong believer in the benefits of whole foods, exercise and self care. I aim to nourish myself and my family in all areas of our life, not just our dinner plate. My post about finding the work that I love, explains more about how I got here! I love to inspire, educate and coach those who want to re-engage with their health!

Did I mention I host my own podcast? BIG IMPACT is an interview series with the best, most inspiring and influential people in the health and wellness world. I love chatting with people having a big impact on the world in their own unique way. I also include interviews with real life families who generously share their advice and practical tips on how to adopt a healthy, plant based lifestyle!


When I’m not coaching I can be found..

+ Creating delicious smoothie combos

+ On the spin bike

+ Singing and dancing with my 4 rd old daughter or chasing after my adventurous 2 yr old son!

If you are totally ready to.. ditch the junk…invest in your own health…make a change… I’d love to hear from you.

Work with me right this second by sending me an email to info@annachisholm.com or subscribe to the newsletter for recipes, workouts and lifestyle tips. Welcome!…read, learn, be inspired!

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  • February 4, 2018 at 3:17 am

    Hey Anna!

    I found your podcast because we love the same things! (I also have a podcast!) I am a professional ultra-endurance mountain bikers and I’ve won the hardest multi-day mountain bike races around the world, was the 2015 World Champion, and I also promote health and wellness. The awesome thing was I changed my diet back in 2013 to a plant-based diet and it changes my life, it changed how I performed as an athlete, and it changed how my brain worked! I would love to come on your show and talk about that, and also show that you can be successful and thrive in ultra-endurance mountain biking (and traveling) eating a whole foods, plant-baed diet! Thanks so much!!


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