I still remember the day when I first listened to Josh LaJaunie being interviewed on the Rich Roll Podcast. I was hanging out the washing on my hills hoist (Australians will appreciate this) and I actually sat down on the pavement, right in the middle of  the washing and I listened to the whole show. Josh’s story  is captivating and I’m thrilled that he is here to share that with us.

Until a few years ago, Josh was on a fast track to becoming a statistic. With a strong family history of heart disease on both sides of his family and weighing 185kg, he was destined to go down the same track as many others in his home town in South Louisiana. Thankfully, with the support of a friend Josh decided he wanted to lose some weight for graduation so started running!

And Running, and running and running….

Going from barely finishing a 10km with his high school friend, to now competing in 100KM ultra-marathons, Josh Lajaunie is a force to be reckoned with. What I love about him is that he has used his own story to positively influence so many others around him. From role modelling healthy behaviour among his own friends, to talking to hundreds at big events like Veg Fest, he is a true inspiration.

Josh is amongst a growing tribe of plant based athletes. We speak in this conversation about whole food nutrition, what its like to actually complete an ultrmarathon but we also go much deeper into why Josh thinks we need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. To experience what pain feels like when pushing ourselves to of our physical comfort zones and then transferring that into other areas of our life.

Lucky for me Josh loves speaking to anyone with an Australian accent so we chatted for over an hour. This is a pretty epic conversation and one that I know you’re going to love! So without further ado, enjoy this conversation with Josh Lajaunie.


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Rich Roll Podcast

China Study


Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

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Joe cross

Rich roll

T Colin Campbell

Howard Jacobson


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