Today’s guest is Dr Ruby Lathon. Ruby was recently featured in the new documentary ‘What the health?’ and her story of thyroid cancer to plant-based nutritionist is truly inspirational.

Ruby was working as an engineer at the time of her thyroid cancer diagnosis. In this episode she shares her story of shock at the diagnosis and how she turned her research skills to her health, changed everything and healed. Now she works as a holistic nutritionist helping people heal through therapeutic menu and diet plans, supplements and other lifestyle programs such as exercise.

In this episode we discuss Dr Ruby’s upcoming health summit, the documentary ‘What the health?’ as well as her own health story and the suggestions she makes for clients now.

Topics included in the conversation:

  • Holistic health summits. Ruby has a holistic health summit coming up called the Reengineer Your Life Holistic Health summit. It’s a 1 day in-person health conference covering food, nutrition and diets but also meditation, abundance mindset, integrative health, reproductive health, hormone balancing and balancing relationships. The summit is about connecting the audience with a network of people further along the path so they can continue their journey. And yes, there will be recordings available after the event for anyone who can’t be there live!
  • Health coaching as a growth industry in the US. While doctors are starting to become more aware they’re still hesitant. They’ll talk about health in general but they really haven’t gotten on board yet fully with integrating a holistic approach. Ruby works with a holistic physician who refers people to work with her.
  • “What the Health?” film. This film uncovers why we haven’t been told about natural ways to live and heal and prevent disease. Above all, this documentary inspires hope that there is something you can do, you can make the change today by eating to live and making changes in our health care system so that it is for people and not just for money.
  • Dr. Ruby’s story. When she was diagnosed in 2007 with thyroid cancer, the only “cure” was surgery. That never sat well with her so she researched how to heal from cancer naturally, saw every type of natural practitioner and put together her own plan. Life was very out of balance so she changed everything: quit her job, began meditating, said no a lot, changed her diet and looked at supplements. After a year, when Ruby went back and had another biopsy done, the tumour was now benign.
  • What is taught as healthy and what is normal: We take chronic stress and being exhausted as normal. The traditional health information that we’re given (low fat, lean meats, everything in moderation etc.) is actually not that healthy. Commercialism is tied into health standards and that is where the problem comes from.
  • People’s biggest challenges and blocks to changing their lifestyle: Time, new-food overwhelm and worrying about family members who aren’t on the same path. It’s important to recognise that the food or the cooking does not happen in isolation in someone’s life. The biggest hurdle is time because these new foods do take time to prepare. Ruby helps with this and the new food overwhelm problem through her cooking show “The Veggie Chest with Dr Ruby” on YouTube. It was intially started to help clients know how to make the new foods but now it’s for everyone wanting to learn healthy plant-based dishes, mostly raw, most gluten free, with lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients.


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One thought on “Healing Thyroid Cancer On A Plant Based Diet – with Dr Ruby Lathon

  • September 21, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Haven’t seen video. But interested, because I have thyroid issues. Dr told me a blood test showed antibodies from gluten was a problem. My dairy was higher than the gluten. My rashes of all kinds disappeared. U don’t know how many steroid creams up until about 10 years ago. When I found my Dr, and had been praying for someone to help get me to Dr. Or for a Dr to somehow come on my horizon. He believes holistic, but if u don’t strive for better. He will give medication prescription.


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