Today’s guest is Kent Ladkin and he is a living example of health. Kent is a yoga teacher, a vegan, a restauranteur and the owner of the largest independent surf shop in Australia. In this episode he shares his story of growing up with a standard Australian diet but becoming a vegetarian at a young age, dropping out of university and following his passion of surfing. He became a yoga teacher when he was 19 years old, and stumbled across a winning recipe for surf board wax that quickly resulted in his product being the go-to for surfers across Australia.

Meanwhile, Kent has studied and practiced yoga and nutrition and holistic health for decades, read hundreds of books and is amassing a sizeable food documentary library too. He opened the Perfect Break Vegetarian Cafe 18 years ago, is passionate about educating people on the health benefits of the vegan diet.  At 65 years of age, Kent is a picture of health and a living example of the benefits of plant based nutrition and holistic health.

Topics covered in this conversation:

  • Kent’s story of becoming vegetarian, dropping out of uni and living in a tree-house.
  • How watching the Forks over Knives movie was life changing and Kent’s process of going from vegetarianism to becoming a vegan
  • The growth and development of Kent’s surf business
  • The passing on of values from father to son to the next generation
  • The importance of letting go and being a good role model
  • The impact the food industry has on not only our health but also climate change
  • A day in the life of Kent’s food
  • The importance of gradual changes with lifestyle and diet, and the impact of nutrition on longevity


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