This conversation with Emily takes us though her fascinating health transformation. From her lowest points of real suffering both physically and mentally, to completely turning her health around using diet and lifestyle changes.The power of a plant based diet is clear as day as Emily describes the difference that changing her eating habits have had on the health of herself and her entire family.

We talk about all sorts of issues along the way like …’What the reaction of others was like when she started to change things up in terms of her diet? 

How she approaches or interacts with people who have different beliefs about food and medicine.

How she has found the experience of being a whole food plant based mom and wife.

Emily is really honest about the fact she is still on the journey, still learning, changing, always growing. It was an absolute pleasure to explore the facets of her transformation and go deep on some of the struggles she has faced along the way.

Emily has recently released her own fabulous podcast called Making Hope which I urge you to all go and check out!

Resources For This Episode

The Making Hope Podcast

The Making Hope Facebook Group

Emily’s Website – One Yellow Finch

Super Sprowtz – Vegetable Super Heros

Disease Proof Your Child – Dr Joel Fuhrman

The Mind Body Prescription

Forks Over Knives

Somatization Disorder (Somatic Symptom Disorder/SSD)

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

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One thought on “Making Hope: Emily’s Health Transformation

  • September 15, 2017 at 1:19 am

    Absolutely loved this episode – it resonates so much with me! Emily, thank you for sharing your story and Anna thank you for helping to highlight the parts that can help others..

    Looking forward to the next podcast as I catch up on all the old ones – so glad I found you 🙂


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